McLeods Daughters


Five women run a cattle station, "Drover's Run", in the outback of South Australia.
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S8E22 - The Long Paddock

Grace finally finds someone willing to carry their cattle, but this ..

S8E21 - Into the Valley o..

Drovers has a lot of debt and they need to shear all their sheep in ..

S8E20 - The show must go on

Moira is preparing to play the leading girl in Phil's musical. Durin..

S8E19 - Into thin air

Ingrid is becoming more and more anxious about Paul's presence and i..

S8E18 - Every move you make

Ingrid's husband Paul is still investigating cattle theft in the are..

S8E17 - Show Pony

Jaz tries to train her horse Annie to become a working horse, but An..

S8E16 - The merry widow

Rumours run amok after the ball, as the town believes Steve is datin..

S8E15 - Snogging frogs

Tayler has a new study-buddy, Wolfgang, that Patrick doesn't approve..

S8E14 - My Prince will come

Misha, Jaz's former boyfriend, shows up at Drovers with a major surp..

S8E13 - A Dog´s life

To work as a team to rescue a kidnapped dog, Ben and Marcus are forc..

S8E12 - Love and let die

Jaz is surprised to find out from Lily that her dad, Frank, is plann..

S8E11 - Bright lightsbig ..

Grace, Jaz, Marcus and Frank drives to the city to present their obj..

S8E10 - Mother Love

When Tayler's mom shows up at Drovers, Tayler is forced to face her ..

S8E9 - Dammed

The girls of Drovers band together with the local community in order..

S8E8 - Three Sisters

The McLeod sisters clash over Drovers' fate when Jaz returns.

S8E7 - Bringing up Wombat

After the tragedy, Stevie decides to leave Drovers and move to Killa..

S8E6 - Close enough to to..

Alex returns from Argentina and his reunion with Stevie begins wonde..

S8E5 - Stand by me

Moira hears strange noises in the night as an intruder haunts Drover..

S8E4 - Nowhere to Hide

In episode 206 of McLeod's, Kate is raring to finish her pipe projec..

S8E3 - Wild Ride

Stevie's wild-at-heart former rodeo mate Sharon visits Drovers and t..

S8E2 - The Pitfalls of Love

Grace and Marcus are trapped at the bottom of an abandoned mine shaf..

S8E1 - Aftermath

Kate is obsessed with proving that Riley survived the Christmas nigh..

S7E32 - Silent Night

On Christmas Eve, Alex returns home from Argentina to surprise Stevi..

S7E31 - Mixed Messages

Marcus thinks Heath is cheating on Grace. Meanwhile, after Heath sur..

S7E30 - Second Chances

Patrick plans a surprise party for Tayler's 18th birthday. Meanwhile..

S7E29 - Seeing Is Believing

Tayler meets her long-lost mother under strange circumstances. Meanw..

S7E28 - The Short Cut

As Grace questions her future with Heath after losing her engagement..

S7E27 - Knight In Shining..

Heath proposes to Grace, at the same time that Ashleigh forces Grace..

S7E26 - My Enemy My Friend

After they are involved in a serious car accident, Grace tries to sa..

S7E25 - Fanning the Flames

Kate goes on the run with outlaw boyfriend Mitch. Meanwhile, Drovers..

S7E24 - On The Prowl

After Riley discovers Mitch is trading in stolen Army weapons, a lov..

S7E23 - Divided We Stand

Stevie leaves Drovers when Grace accuses her of disloyalty. Meanwhil..

S7E22 - The Courage Within

While all the girls are investigating a mysterious explosion at a fu..

S7E21 - Spark From Heaven

After Rose returns from the hospital in a wheelchair, she's involved..

S7E20 - Leaving the Nest

The lives of everyone on Drovers is forever changed when Stevie's da..

S7E19 - Hot Water

Grace makes a deal with the devil when she accepts a secret loan fro..

S7E18 - Gift Horse

While desperately trying to resist Heath, Grace questions her future..

S7E17 - Grace Under Fire

While clashing with rich new neighbor Heath Barrett, Grace becomes c..

S7E16 - Ever After

On Alex and Stevie's long-awaited wedding day, things will run smoot..

S7E15 - All's Fair In Lov..

Stevie and Alex combine their bucks and hens party with a laser skir..

S7E14 - Flesh and Stone

In an attempt to stop the toxic dump plan from going ahead, Grace re..

S7E13 - Conflicts of Inte..

Grace asks Regan to choose between her family and her new lover. Mea..

S7E12 - Warts and All

Alex and Stevie are blackmailed into signing a pre-nuptial agreement..

S7E11 - Bloodlines

Impulsive Grace takes the law into her own hands, after sheep rustle..

S7E10 - Rules of Engagement

When Alex gets ready to propose to Stevie, his plan goes horribly aw..

S7E9 - Sisters are Doing ..

After her sister Grace inherits a part share of Drovers Run, Regan a..

S7E8 - Climb Every Mountain

Meg returns for Jodi's funeral with a shocking secret. Meanwhile, Ka..

S7E7 - Of Hearts and Hunt..

Jodi is forced to make a terrifying decision after Matt learns he is..

S7E6 - Returned Favour

Jodi has her hands full with a major decision when both Riley and Ma..

S7E5 - Reaching Out

Jodi is overcome by the mystery of Emma McLeod and the identity of h..

S7E4 - Thicker Than Water

Things turn even more ugly between Marcus and Alex, when Marcus call..

S7E3 - Digging Up The Past

When a sale falls through, Matt, who is now working for Jim Selkirk,..

S7E2 - All The Wrong Places

A charming, good-looking man named Marcus Turner arrives at Drovers ..

S7E1 - Second Chances

Jodi is happy until her conflicted feelings for returned Rob (now go..

S6E32 - Twenty Questions

After learning of Dave's plan to move to Africa, Kate realizes she s..

S6E31 - Risk

After being offered a two-year research job in Africa, Dave tries to..

S6E30 - Damage Control

During a storm, Jodi has a nightmare about Rob and fleeing from the ..

S6E29 - Winners and Losers

After Alex returns from the city, Stevie worries that he's changed h..

S6E28 - One Perfect Day

After Jodi introduces Boer goats onto Drovers and tries to associate..

S6E27 - Guess Who's Comin..

After excitedly preparing for dinner with Rose's mystery man, Stevie..

S6E26 - Handle With Care

Rose secretly begins seeing Leo, unaware of Leo and Stevie's history..

S6E25 - Old Wrongs

Stevie's daughter Rose arrives for a month-long visit but mother & d..

S6E24 - The Eleventh Hour

Steve tries to tie up loose ends at Drovers before her trial begins...

S6E23 - For Better or Worse

Thanks to a poor decision by Moira, Drovers Run suffers a dangerous ..

S6E22 - Scratch the Surface

Stevie loses control when Leo returns to the district, just as she's..

S6E21 - Days of Reckoning

Kate realizes she was wrong to go to the police about Stevie. Meanwh..

S6E20 - Suspicious Minds

Kate begins to question whether Stevie was responsible for Harry Rya..

S6E19 - The Great Temptat..

Moira's husband returns to Gungellan saying he wants her back. Meanw..

S6E18 - Wild Horses

Stevie clashes with Riley over horse training techniques when they m..

S6E17 - The Life of Riley

After a group of brumbies are found shot dead, the girls of Drovers ..

S6E16 - Secrets and Lies

The day before the big wedding has arrived and Stevie makes a shocki..

S6E15 - Second Chances

Kevin Fountain returns to Drovers wanting to include his daughter Jo..

S6E14 - The Legend of Har..

Wanneer hij zich voorbereidt op de begrafenis van zijn vader, vindt ..

S6E13 - The Trouble With ..

Jodi thinks she has killed Harry Ryan in a car accident and is facin..

S6E12 - Second Best

When Alex asks Stevie to be his best man, Stevie inadvertently ends ..

S6E11 - Bite the Bullett

De meiden van Drovers Run zijn geschokt wanneer Regan opeens voor hu..

S6E10 - The Big Commitment

Meg heeft moeite met haar werk. Ze wil een nieuw verhaal schrijven m..

S6E9 - Deliver Us From Evil

Rob en Jodi worden gedwongen op de vlucht te slaan wanneer ze aan To..

S6E8 - Where The Heart Is

Tess learns that Nick wants to return to Argentina but must decide i..

S6E7 - What Lies Beneath

Nick returns home but is troubled by flashbacks of Argentina and his..

S6E6 - The Calling

After many confusing dreams and visions Tess begins to suspect Nick ..

S6E5 - The Real McLeod

After a pregnancy scare, Tess offers Jodi half her share of Drovers...

S6E4 - Luck Be A Lady

With their organic meat status lost and no prospects for new buyers ..

S6E3 - Kiss of Death

Stevie's one night stand leads to revenge that endangers all of Drov..

S6E2 - Truth Hurts

Alex and Fiona's engagement is publicly announced thanks to a meddli..

S6E1 - Lost and Found

Alex is missing but soon returns with his new fiancée, Fiona and ..

S5E32 - New Beginnings

Stevie realizes she's in love with Alex, but can't bring herself to ..

S5E31 - Body and Soul

Alex goes on a journey to grieve over Nick, while Harry believes kee..

S5E30 - Anniversary

While putting off her grief and planning a celebration of Nick's lif..

S5E29 - Twelve and a Half..

When Tess returns home to Drovers, with news that she's pregnant, bu..

S5E28 - Stranger Than Fic..

Jodi learns that her mother's novel is based on real life as it deta..

S5E27 - Intentions

Dave is threatened with a sexual harrassment lawsuit from his former..

S5E26 - The King and I

Jodi's world is turned topsy-turvy when she receives a birthday gift..

S5E25 - Truth or Dare

Dave's brother drops in, literally, for a visit and ensnares Kate's ..

S5E24 - Betwixt and Between

Rose begins a quest for answers, when she devles into Stevie's past...

S5E23 - Out of Time

Stevie has to decide whether or not to tell her daughter Rose who he..

S5E22 - If You Build It...

Stevie locks horns with Sandra, but then later helps her through a c..

S5E21 - Moonstruck

Alex is overcome by toxic fumes while cleaning an old water tank. Me..

S5E20 - Heaven and Earth

Stevie tries to save a life as a dust storm sweeps across Drovers Ru..

S5E19 - Make Believe

Kate's grandmother comes for a visit and Kate is in hot water when s..

S5E18 - Taking Flight

Stevie clashes with Rob over their mobs of sheep and the ways of the..

S5E17 - Heart of Gold

When Regan brings in equipment to further mine, the women of Drovers..

S5E16 - Down to Earth

As Nick and Tess prepare to leave Drovers Run for their trip to Arge..

S5E15 - One LongLong Day

Dave, Regan & Tess go on an afternoon picnic when Nick heads into to..

S5E14 - Love and Obsession

As Dave and Regan fall for each other, Kate realizes Regan has a sec..

S5E13 - The Prodigal Daug..

Tess's other cousin, Regan, visits Drovers Run and causes a few prob..

S5E12 - The Pearl

The women of Drovers are nearly torn apart as Jodi tries to save Luk..

S5E11 - Boy Made Good

When a long lost lover re-enters Stevie's life, she mistakenly belie..

S5E10 - Sins of the Father

The effects of Harry's illness are felt by both Nick and Alex, and a..

S5E9 - Body Blows

After a brush with death and a shocking revelation about his health ..

S5E8 - Old Flames

Looking forward to a high-school hiking-club reunion, Kate is in for..

S5E7 - Taking Care of Bus..

The women of Drovers run are no longer a team of four. Kate, after b..

S5E6 - Do You Read Me...?

Incapacitated by an injured foot, a bored Stevie has become addicted..

S5E5 - Return of the Blac..

Harry is secretly thrilled when he hears Sandra is back in town, how..

S5E4 - Once Were Heroes

The passionate, stubborn side of Dave is exposed when he stumbles ac..

S5E3 - Rules of Disengage..

Meg heads home early from the city in the hope she can be of some co..

S5E2 - Little White Lies

The women of Drovers take on the big boys of the sheep industry at t..

S5E1 - No Man's Land

Sally and Harrison now living at Wilgul threatens Tess's marriage; s..

S4E32 - Twice Bitten

Tensions are rife with Kane now living in the cottage with Stevie an..

S4E31 - Love Interrupted

Nick and Tess discover the honeymoon is well and truely over when Ni..

S4E30 - The Things We Do ..

Alex helps Jasmine McLeod overcome her fear of riding and in the pro..

S4E29 - A McLeod Daughter

Past passions are whispering around the halls of Drovers Run as Tess..

S4E28 - My House is Your ..

The Drovers girls have a tough time adjusting to Nick as the new 'Ma..

S4E27 - Something to Prove

Both Kate and Stevie let pride take over trying to prove themselves ..

S4E26 - This Moment Forward

Nick and Tess approach the altar at last, but there's family heartac..

S4E25 - Trembling on the ..

An earth tremor makes Tess worried about the omens for her wedding t..

S4E24 - Where There's Fire

Forever unlucky in love, Jodi Fountain finally looked set for some h..

S4E23 - Dangerous Waters

As marriage looms for Tess and Nick, Tess finds herself in over her ..

S4E22 - For Love or Money

When Stevie's unwelcome visit from her past catches up with her, she..

S4E21 - Secrets and Lies

Tess's plans to propose to Nick go haywire when Dave makes a discove..

S4E20 - Friendly Fire

Alex and Stevie's friendship is put to the test when Kane comes betw..

S4E19 - Saturn Returns

Tess's birthday forces her to take a long, hard look at herself, but..

S4E18 - My Brother's Keeper

Stevie falls for the charismatic Kane, while Alex's growing friendsh..

S4E17 - Every Breath You ..

An innocent flirtation turns into something more dangerous for Kate ..

S4E16 - Magnetic Attraction

When Stevie's daughter Rose arrives unannounced, life at Drovers is ..

S4E15 - Desperate and Dat..

The girls hit the road, decked out in their finest for a big night a..

S4E14 - Call Me Kate

Jodi battles with what seems like the biggest decision of her life a..

S4E13 - Second Chance

Drastic changes are about to happen when Meg's sister, Celia, pays a..

S4E12 - Make or Break

Tess trusts the wrong stranger and has to rescue Jodi from a dangero..

S4E11 - Fool For Love

Stevie's ex husband arrives at Drovers with some surprising news - t..

S4E10 - Flesh and Blood

An old well on Drovers Run holds a forgotten secret for Tess, leadin..

S4E9 - Father's Day

Tess has a fight on her hands when Peter claims custody of Charlotte..

S4E8 - Show of Love

Alex is taken by surprise when his first love, Tracey Morrison, arri..

S4E7 - When Sparks Fly

Tess and Nick try to put their faltering relationship back on track,..

S4E6 - Game of Chance

When Tess's fantasy world collides with reality, she finds herself p..

S4E5 - Great Expectations

Stevie uncovers a dying man's secret, and some secrets of her own ar..

S4E4 - Day of Reckoning

Sandra has a surprising solution when Alex and Nick face a heart wre..

S4E3 - Jack of all Shades

Tess' world is turned upside down by the arrival of a man claiming t..

S4E2 - Double Dealing

Tess is disconcerted to learn Stevie can 'read' her so well whilst p..

S4E1 - Out of the Ashes

Six months after Claire's death, Tess has thrown herself into work a..

S3E30 - Turbulence

Tess and Stevie continue to clash this week, and all the competitive..

S3E29 - The Long Goodbye

Claire's death has everyone is dealing with it in their own way. Tes..

S3E28 - My NoonMy Midnight

Tragedy befalls Drover's Run, in the wake of celebration, as the liv..

S3E27 - To Catch a Thief

Tess's upcoming operation has thoughts of mortality creeping in so s..

S3E26 - Body Language (ak..

The Young Farmer of the Year contest comes to Drovers Run, bringing ..

S3E25 - Time Frames

Has Sandra overstepped the mark with Harry? Tess's biopsy brings une..

S3E24 - One Step at a Time

With Claire and Alex still in Melbourne with Charlotte, enjoying the..

S3E23 - The Ties That Bind

When Claire and Alex hit the big smoke, a long lost father is found,..

S3E22 - Majority Rules

A quarantine on Drovers leads Claire to a new career, meanwhile Sand..

S3E21 - Let the Best Man ..

Alex and Nick fight over a gorgeous stanger named Elly and the compe..

S3E20 - Perfect Match

Becky and Jake go into Stud partnership with Claire but when things ..

S3E19 - Where There's Smoke

Meg is dedicating herself to her studies in order to prove herself a..

S3E18 - Old Beginnings

Claire is having a naming ceremony for Charlotte Prudence McLeod wit..

S3E17 - A Slight Interrup..

It's been a week since Baby McLeod was born, but she remains nameles..

S3E16 - Seeing the Light

Min Min lights are seen by Claire and Tess over Drover's. Tess is de..

S3E15 - The Awful Truth

Nick and Alex must face the awful truth of their father's new girlfr..

S3E14 - Chain Reaction

When Jodi receives a chain letter, she tears it up and throws it awa..

S3E13 - Jokers to the Right

The charade of being the father of Claire's baby is causing Alex pro..

S3E12 - Sins of the Father

Becky and Jake's relationship is tested when his real background is ..

S3E11 - Repeat Offenders

When a heartbroken journalist friend of Tess comes to Drovers Run th..

S3E10 - Three Little Words

As Harry and Alex battle each other, Tess finds it hard to resist he..

S3E9 - A House of Cards

A thirtieth wedding anniversary is no protection for Liz when Harry,..

S3E8 - The Ghost of Thing..

Claire discovers a hidden treasure which brings back ghostly memorie..

S3E7 - Gone to the Dogs

An incident with a prized stallion leads to intrigue regarding Jake'..

S3E6 - The Wedding

Unexpected events result in an unlikely outcome on Jodi and Alberto'..

S3E5 - Put to the Test

At Jodi's hens night, a game of truth or dare reveals far more than ..

S3E4 - An Affair to Forget

Tess believes Sally is cheating on Nick, while Alberto calls off the..

S3E3 - The Road Home

Becky's search for Brick comes to an end while Jodi's dream of a big..

S3E2 - Better The Devil Y..

Claire and Alex's lie about the baby causes a major upset between th..

S3E1 - Fairy TaleEnding

Claire is finally released from hospital and driven home by 'father-..

S2E22 - Future Perfect

Peter puts an astonishing proposition to Claire which will change he..

S2E21 - No More Mr Nice Guy

On the eve of the Gungellan Show, Claire and Tess are shocked to lea..

S2E20 - Wind Change

Tess is on the brink of committing to Nick.

S2E19 - Best of Enemies

Claire has to deal with cattle theft and an old adversary, while Tes..

S2E18 - Made to be Broken

The war between Peter on one side and Claire and Alex on the other t..

S2E17 - Blame it on the M..

Romance is in the air for Jodi as Alberto returns, but Homestay gues..

S2E16 - Stripped Bare

Professional thieves clean out both Drover's Run and Wilgul, exposin..

S2E15 - You Can Leave You..

When Jodi's cooking gives five young men food poisoning, the women o..

S2E14 - Brave J

Claire's attempts to get her life and business back in order are com..

S2E13 - Steer Trek

Droving cattle on a stock route, Nick and Tess's feelings for each o..

S2E12 - Hounded

Frank Da Costa, the new cop in town, has it in for Terry. When Terry..

S2E11 - Wildfire

Mark Howard returns to the district, determined to drag brother Sean..

S2E10 - Home is Where the..

Claire and Drovers Run are in deep trouble, and Tess, the only perso..

S2E9 - To Have and to Hold

Claire finally realises what a mistake she's made, while Tess strugg..

S2E8 - The Bridle Waltz

Becky realises that she has no choice but to tell Claire that Peter ..

S2E7 - Three's a Crowd

As Tess feels increasingly isolated from Claire, she works hard to b..

S2E6 - A Dry Spell

As final preparations for the Miss Gungellan ball continue, Meg is f..

S2E5 - Hello Stranger

When a good looking charmer arrives out of the blue at Drovers Run n..

S2E4 - The Bore War

Claire and Nick come to blows over a vital supply of water in a dry ..

S2E3 - Desperate Measures

Becky is being stalked by someone who blames her for her life fallin..

S2E2 - Through the Lookin..

During a rabbit plague a baby turns up on Alex's doorstep. Meanwhile..

S2E1 - The Drover's Conne..

Jodi is torn between the truth and Becky's feelings when she realise..

S1E22 - Deep Water

Jodi's fund raising efforts for Miss Gungellan are reaching fever pi..

S1E21 - Friends Like These

After a grubby day mustering cattle, Tess is thrilled to see two fri..

S1E20 - Lover Come Back

Tess is obsessed with her new psychology theory - the three levels o..

S1E19 - The Itallian Stal..

Love is in the air over Drovers Run. When Alberto, an itinerant, goo..

S1E18 - More Than One Way

Claire is finding it difficult to come to terms with Tess' new found..

S1E17 - Girls Night Out

A good sale at the sheep sales and the girls are ready to celebrate...

S1E16 - Playing to Win

The sudden death of local farmer Max Martin alarms Harry, prompting ..

S1E15 - If the Boot Fits...

When Claire attends a seminar on Artificial Insemination with Alex s..

S1E14 - Dirty Pool

Theft is on everyone's mind. There are cattle duffers working in the..

S1E13 - True Love and Con..

When Bill Tilson decides to sell up and move to the city, Claire see..

S1E12 - Pandora's Box

Tess learns the impenetrable rules of what to say and not to say in ..

S1E11 - Who's a Big Girl ..

Meg struggles to cope with the reality of Jodi's coming of age and d..

S1E10 - Haunted

Emotional and traumatic events of past and present return to haunt t..

S1E9 - Into the Woods

Tess puts herself in danger when she comes between a dangerous wild ..

S1E8 - Stir Crazy

A steamy night gives away Meg's secret lover and Claire puts her lif..

S1E7 - Pride and Joy

A feral bull is wreaking havoc on Drovers Run, and Harry Ryan uses t..

S1E6 - Reality Bites

Claire feels threatened when she uncovers certain evidence about Jac..

S1E5 - Taking the Reins

Tess's confidence is shaken after she falls from her horse, and she ..

S1E4 - Who's the Boss?

Claire buys a pen of undernourished sheep from the stock sales, leav..

S1E3 - Don't Mess with th..

Jealousies arise as Claire competes in the rodeo while Nick and Alex..

S1E2 - Ducks on the Pond

It's shearing time and one of the men arrives with a reputation as a..

S1E1 - Welcome Home

Spontaneous and audacious Tess meetsreticent and stubborn Claire whe..