Masters of Flip


In every episode of Masters of Flip, house-flipping experts Kortney & Dave Wilson breathe new life into one old, rundown Nashville home. With limited timelines and even tighter budgets, these Masters of Flip take on the challenge of transforming each real estate disaster into a stunning family dream home. The rollercoaster of buying, renovating and staging each house all hinges on that final sale; will their gamble garner maximum profits with every flip?
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S3E9 - Into the Woods

Kortney and Dave's small addition turns into a big money pit as they..

S3E4 - Farmhouse Feels

Kortney and Dave bring an old run-down farmhouse back to life. With ..


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S2E6 - Color Code

Dave makes a compelling case for adjusting the budget while Kortney ..

S2E4 - Two's a Crowd

Kortney makes a case for transforming a second building on the prope..

S2E3 - Fitting In

Kortney and Dave transform an outdated home into a stunning modern m..

S2E2 - Miniature Margins

Kortney & Dave take on a tiny flip that has big potential. While Kor..

S2E1 - Training Day

Kortney & Dave bring on Kevin, their newest team member who is also ..