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S2E7 - Maid Marian on Her..

Friends and foes converge on the Bumblers as they hide out at Jules'..

S2E6 -That's Enough. Off ..

Maddie tracks down the man she thinks could set her free; Jules shar..

S2E5 - Maybe/Definitely

Richard, Jules, and Poppy hit an unexpected snag in their attempt to..

S2E4 - Andiamo

A sudden threat derails Maddie's attempt to find peace of mind. Ezra..

S2E3 -Old Unresolved Sh*t

Maddie continues to struggle with her demons. The Bumblers have to s..

S2E2 - Trouble Maybe

On the run after a violent confrontation, Maddie finds refuge in an ..

S2E1 -Fillion Bollar King

In an attempt to sell the ring they stole, the Bumblers head to Rich..

S1E10 - Always ForwardNev..

As Patrick and Maddie say “I do,” the long-awaited showdown betw..

S1E9 - Ladies and Gentlem..

As the wedding nears, Maddie struggles to keep her plan on track, Pa..

S1E8 - In The Game

Ezra, Richard and Jules give Maddie some life-altering information...

S1E7 - Frog-Bikini-Eiffel..

An unanticipated trip home puts Ezra at a crossroads about his futur..

S1E6 - The Maddie Code

Patrick throws Maddie a birthday party with some surprising guests. ..

S1E5 - Is a Shark Good or..

Enjoying their con-artist lifestyle, Ezra, Richard and Jules close i..

S1E1 - My So-Called Wife

Newlyweds Ava (Maddie) and Ezra's blissful marriage shatters when he..